EMS FIX Simulator

Cynapps IntelliEMS is a FIX message simulator for simulating an EMS workflow that allows you to take control of your FIX testing. You no longer have to rely on external parties to test your FIX environment. IntelliEMS allows you to connect to your OMS to receive and send FIX messages giving you full control over all traffic flow.

IntelliEMS has all the benefits of IntelliBroker but simulates the trade workflow through an EMS.

Stage Orders

Orders sent to IntelliEMS from your OMS will initially be staged and then can be placed to simulated brokers within IntelliEMS. This two step release process is typical of the EMS workflow and IntelliEMS supports and replicates this workflow perfectly.

Custom FIX Messages

IntelliEMS allows you to define exactly what FIX Tags and Values are sent on FIX messages for each action performed in IntelliEMS. IntelliEMS allows you to replicate any EMS environment regardless of your EMS provider. To do this, all you need is a few sample messages from your EMS and IntelliEMS will be able to replicate the workflow.


If you would like information about how Cynapps IntelliEMS can help you or to arrange for a commitment free trial of the software please contact us.